If you are planning to visit some of the sexiest cities in the world, here is a list of these cities.

 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is home to such beautiful people that this place outperforms even Rio de Janeiro. There is a variety of party spots and nightlife events including mega clubs, live music clubs, and pubs, which feature almost everything that you have ever wished for in your life.

You can enjoy watching sexy dancers while they move their bodies on samba or Brazilian music. Almost every woman you see in this city is outrageously sexy and attractive. Once you see for yourself, you will know the reason why Brazilian butt is so popular.

San Francisco

Cultural diversity and sex-positive nature of San Francisco are a few aspects that make this city one of the sexiest places on the earth. It offers a welcoming atmosphere to almost every gender and sexual orientation. You will have the opportunity to see and meet the gorgeous people at every corner of the city.

Nudity is the common norm, as you can visit world-famous nude beaches or witness the spectacular scenes of the World Naked Bike Ride.

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw takes its cultural identity from both Western and Eastern Europe. The people of Warsaw are friendly and beautiful. In fact, you can’t find such elegant and attractive women in other parts of Europe.

Warsaw is a popular attraction for sex tourists. Apart from prostitution being legal, you will find plenty of places to have some good time. High-end clubs, Pubs and strip clubs are some of the highlights of this city.

Miami, Florida

Two words “Hot and steamy” are enough to describe the city as well as its people. Women wearing sexy bikinis and sensuous bathing suits are almost everywhere. This is the city known for its Latin beat, rum, sand, and lust. South Beach is a famous meeting point of sexiest celebrities, tourists, and sumptuous locals.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires allows you to indulge in dancing, drinking, and sexiness that prevails in the atmosphere of this city. The sensual tango dance will make you feel hot, as the women of Argentina know how to move their bodies. Palermo district is a place, which offers an endless supply of music and parties.

Paris, France

Everyone knows that Paris is the most romantic destination around the world. However, there is another aspect of this city, which is naughty and sexy.  The Musée de l’Érotisme is famous for erotic art. Adult entertainment spots like cabarets and sex clubs are also there to satisfying your cravings for eroticism.

New York City

New York City has something for everyone. This culturally diverse city is flooded with sexy people, ready to bring out your naughty side. Bars and nightclubs are in abundance; hence, the city never sleeps. Irrespective of your taste, interest, preference or orientation, you will come across a variety of like-minded and attractive people.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Famous for its samba dance and the largest carnival in the world, Rio de Janeiro is a symbol of sexiness and eroticism. Women are attractive and sumptuous. Due to its tropical climate and serene beaches, locals wear less clothing. This also renders Rio as one of the sexiest places in the world.