These are things that if you fail to do, they can cause you serious physical or bodily harm. They are those things that you should always pay attention to when you are preparing for a trip and during the trip. They include:

Failing to do adequate pre-trip research

During the preparation period, you should research on the risks that you can come across as you travel. Find out whether the place you intend to visit is prone to any catastrophe, if yes are you going during the time that it is likely to occur? If the trip coincides with such a period, you can postpone it or carry what is needed to stay safe at such a time. Will you be traveling to a region that you can face missed connections that could cause you any harm? Are you visiting an area that has no safe water to drink? If the city has a water problem, make prior plans of how you will get clean water to drink. Find out if the region is prone to malaria. Malaria can be a deadly disease, so you need to have proper arrangements and medication.

Depending on your destination and the mode of transport you are going to use, there are specific risks that you should research on to avoid facing tough situations out there.

Flashing your wealth

Even in your hometown, you cannot walk around exposing your possessions such as cash loosely for all to see. The same rule applies when you are traveling. The difference is that you will be in a foreign land or a new locality. As a traveler, you cannot understand the neighborhood well because you do not know who is trustworthy and who the muggers in the area are.

When you are traveling, you avoid carrying expensive or valuable things with you like jewelry, bags, and electronics among others. Though you will try this out, there are those things despite their value; you will have to travel with them, ensure that you keep them away from the public eye, and keep them safe once you get to your hotel room.

Drinking too much

It is easy to drink too much when you are enjoying yourself with your friends or with new friends. But drinking a lot while on a trip can put you in an insecure position. Having your alcohol level in the blood exceed the limit accepted in the local legal department can make you lose coverage with your travel insurance. Some countries have stringent laws that forbid taking alcohol and driving. If this happens, you can get yourself on the wrong side of the law of the land you are visiting. No one wants to face a jail term in a foreign country, to ensure that you avoid drinking a lot when you do not have a designated driver.


There are more travel sins that most travelers commit and end up regretting later. Always respect the cultures of the region you are visiting. It shows that you can respect other people and in turn, they will also welcome you and protect you when need be. Always remember to get travel insurance because it will save you if you have any emergencies while on travel.